The Rules of the Online Guide Cockfighting

The Rules of the Online Guide Rooster

The Rules of the Online Guide Cockfighting

The Rules of the Online Guide Cockfighting -This cockfighting game is still well known throughout Indonesia. Chicken Transplant is a Filipino chicken transplant event during the month. Guidelines and Rules for Being in Online Cockfighting The Cockfighting Game is a Filipino cockfighting event when the meron (Philippine chicken) gets a challenge from every new challenger.

Cockfighting Online – Guidelines and Rules for Being On Online. Cockfighting. On this occasion I would like to provide a little information about the guidelines and rules in the Indonesian Online Cockfighting game, and maybe the bebotoh already know the rules but not everyone really understands how to play and the rules in the game, so I will try to discuss it so that all of you can understand better.

The Cockfighting Game is a cockfighting event in the Philippines when the meron (Philippine chicken) gets a challenge from each new challenger, the prizes they get in fighting are huge, usually the challenger chickens or what can be called or known as Wala challenges them by small bet.

Guidelines and Rules for Being In Online Cockfighting
Meron Chicken

Meron chickens provide a challenge and usually meron chickens are the favorite chickens in the match, the bets placed are bigger for meron chickens.

Chicken Wala

Ayam Wala is the party that challenges the meron chicken and the stakes placed are smaller than the chickens of the party who accept the challenge.

Both Dead Draw (BDD)

A chicken match can be said to experience BDD, if the two roosters who are fighting can no longer continue their fight, even though the match time has not reached 10 minutes so the cock fight is said to be a draw or a draw, that’s how the bets placed on the wala and meron sides will be return the funds without any deductions.

Full Time Draw (FTD)

FTD will be determined if in this cock fight the two fighting chickens cannot continue the match, but the time that has lasted has reached more than 10 minutes, if the two roosters are no longer able to continue the match then this condition is called FTD, so if you put your position at Meron or Wala, it will not be returned by the dealer, because you have already lost this match, but if you install FTD you will get a payment according to the FTD that was determined before you place the bet.

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Some important things you should know about the rules for cockfighting in Thailand:

Indonesian Online Cockfighting Chickens are allowed to fight in their respective classes from 6.38 Pounds to heavyweight 8.77 Pounds.
The use of drugs such as steroids, stimulants and depression is strictly prohibited in the competition.
Metal nails in the legs and razors on the wings of chickens are prohibited in the competition.
Cockfighting matches usually take place 5 rounds every 15 minutes, the referee will start distributing points after 2 rounds.
The cockfighting competition is stated to end if the chicken runs 3 times in a row or the position of the chicken is no longer able to continue the match, loses sight of one eye, experiences a fracture or continues to bleed due to an injury.
Chickens will be given a 3 minute pause, the chicken trainer will wet their chickens, clean the tail feathers to clean mucus to clean the chicken’s blood which aims to make the chicken fresh, to get money usually the owner of the chicken will auction off their chicken that wins a valuable game approx. $ 600 (rp + – 6mn).

For those of you fans of online cockfighting bets, you can place bets on various cock fights that are held in Thailand, now there are lots of gambling sites that have provided cockfighting bets, there are dozens of chickens that compete all day long, so it’s automatic. many matches that you can win, participating in online chicken betting itself is proven to make you feel more comfortable and safe, all transactions that occur are done online so that there are no obstacles or reasons for you not being able to participate in these bets.

It is important to know fans of online chicken betting to really understand all the rules that are set in the game, because it is the dealer who provides access so that you can bet online and can watch live or live either using your computer or mobile equipment.

What you have to obey is that you must include your personal data, you hear it right, do not cheat, 1 user id only for one player cannot be passed to another person and of course the player is at least 18 years old and other regulations. To be sure, don’t once you try to cheat because it can have an impact on your account and will be immediately blocked by the Indonesian Online Cockfighting dealer.